About Us

TATMU is a young brand created in 2018 by Tatyana Smolyakova and received recognition among girls who value individuality, quality and style.

Our goal is to create modern luxury clothing at affordable prices. We pay great attention to the quality of the materials so that the products we produce maintain their original appearance over time. Lightweight fabrics, natural fibers and innovative material combinations create style and comfort. All things are produced in Moscow in a limited edition, which allows you to maintain the perfect quality of tailoring.

A girl in the TATMU style lives in the rhythm of a big city, for which time is the most important resource. We understand this and therefore offer the service of individual tailoring by your standards, without a single fitting. You get a thing that sits perfectly and is created exclusively for you.

Today, the brand’s clothing is presented in 2 boutiques in the heart of the capital, in several cities of Russia and abroad.

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